Mixing Colors of Spring

“When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.” -Kahlil Gibran

Rain is falling and the light is returning! Recent paintings are being finished, titled, documented, varnished, and hung. Wishing a beautiful spring equinox to all!

North Wind
oil on linen

my garden bliss

Gardening: Before & After




Spring 2015: The garden before I ever touched it




Summer 2016: The garden after much love and care






 The summer garden facing Mt Barnabe

Mountaintop Farming in California

Since the spring I have been managing the raspberry crop and kitchen gafarmviewrden of an organic farm in Lagunitas, CA. This beautiful mountaintop landscape has been producing organic food for over 20 years. Volunteers come to help out for raspberry harvests and learn about seed-to-harvest veggie gardening through the WWOOF program. Sustainable permaculture techniques are built into the farm’s design through water-retaining terraces, soil blocks, permanent no-till beds, intensive polycultures, wildlife corridors, indigenous beneficial microbes, and seed saving projects. Cultivating my local biome to feed the community and teaching others how to do the same is my daily objective.

I am grateful to be continuing my experiences in farming with the warm support of a community that loves small, local organic farms. The Bay Area is fully animated in building a new food system for the USA. More and more people choose to feed their families by supporting nearby small farms. Gardening is taught in schools to young children to build a lifetime of connection to where food comes from. People understand and teach that regenerative agriculture feeds the people in a way that benefits all beings. The drought is here in Marin county along with future unpredictable weather patterns, but the solutions are here as well, and I know in my heart the work I need to do.

current artist statement

Light and color fill the eye of my mind so full each day as I walk outdoors that I am overwhelmed. This perceived abundance is why I must create with what has filled me to excess and is overflowing. The desire to create finds manifestation in many forms, from sowing seeds to mixing oil paints. The process of art making is about finding and maintaining growth, balance and vitality. Through my work I nurture growth, and from that growth I intend to harvest an abundance. My experiences with nature teach me about the shapes and forms of life, and observation builds visual research. I believe in building a life in harmony with my surroundings, the way that all animals do instinctively. Through art I feel the satisfaction that it brings to let my instincts guide my behavior. I am allowed to embrace both the playful and challenging aspects of life in a colorful way. Bringing the negative and positive aspects of my internal life out into the external world allows me to feel at home where I am, embedded in the ecosystem that surrounds me.

The inspiration and imagery represented in my paintings come from places I have been, forests I have known, and animals I have met. In my travels I am always collecting: feathers, memories, scents, colors, wildlife sightings, foreign languages, sea shells, seeds, ideas and rituals. All these golden bits of inspiration are filtered through my fingertips, my memory, and the space in my backpack. Inspiration comes from moments in life when I feel great emotion, or when I realize nature is teaching me something important.

My artistic approach is adapted to my current mode of travel and ranges from large scale oil paintings to tiny collages. Living and creating close to nature, moving and recording the whirring of the things that pass by, I reach back and grasp the fruits of my travels. Looking back on what has happened with nostalgia I choose what to develop further, but all of it is imbedded in my mind. Going deeper into what I have seen and piecing together the imagery allows me to learn from what has happened. Just as colors are reflected in order for our eyes to perceived them, so all the moments that make up experience are given various tints, shades and hues.

As a traveling artist and permaculture designer, I live in a multifaceted world of survival through balancing constant change with sustainability. As a human I must build, create, learn and harvest. The local climate provides what I need to grow, and what I learn from far away informs my decisions locally. Much of my time is spent growing gardens and sustainable living systems. I believe in the function of aesthetics and that art has a place in the handmade life. There is nowhere more perfect to grow and thrive than here and now.


biking to the beach

biking to the beach

After an arduous yet delightful season of organic farming, a comforting visit with family and friends, and years of daydreaming, I have now begun my travels throughout Central America.  I have been in Costa Rica for 3 weeks now, literally traveling from a blizzard to a wonderfully mad dry heat I’ve never known. I can’t say too much yet, being halfway out the door to the beach as usual. But from here I plan to travel north seeking art, permaculture, and various forms of tropical bliss. Internet connection may be few and far between, but it is quite possible I’ll be posting as the story unfolds.

Growing on the Coast

Growing vegetables on the coast of California with the Spicy Flock in the Gypsy Camp of Paradise.



Life in Europe

Living in Europe from 2011-2012 gave me a chance to see the art I studied in college in person, to learn about new cultures and walk ancient streets, to be humbled by foreign languages and to actually understand both the inherent cultural loss and privilege that being born in the USA has given me.

mountains spain nature embroidery landscape scenery gouache painting on paper

going to sf

Working in the Wilderness

Land conservation work with American Conservation Experience allowed me to live in the wilderness and work in some of the most beautiful places in California.