sheltering in place 2020

while sheltering-in-place I have been painting more than I have since college, when I would often work throughout the night without sleeping. with all this free time, no need to work through the night, I have all day in between nature explorations, to fulfill my creative whims. I am so grateful for this abundant gift of time, and I have filled over 30 canvases in the past month. while I wait for the paint to dry in the evenings I have been beadweaving. its a very fun process of stringing and weaving together very tiny beads, with my endless collection of live grateful dead shows playing in the background, I get carried away for hours so I decided to post some of the woven fringe seed bead earrings I made to my online store. check it out!

rye sourdough bread recipe

Since everyone is baking right now, I am posting this here for my sisters & all others who have asked for my bread recipe. I made this recipe up when I couldn’t find one that I liked & it has worked very well for me, & hopefully it will for others who like a very dense seedy rye loaf bread. It’s best to cut it very thick with a serrated knife. Preparing the dough is extremely easy once you get a feel for growing the culture. Super good with avocado, eggs, greens, cheese, mushrooms & garlic, honey & butter. In my mind I call it ” beeb bread” since my family calls me “Beebs” 🙂

Beeb’s Bread Recipe

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life in europe // budapest

life in europe // portugal