backpacking in the wilderness

Brittany was born in Redondo Beach, California and received her BFA in Painting and Art History from Herron School of Art & Design in 2010. While working on her painting thesis, she recognized the paradox of painting concepts of nature while spending so much time in her studio and decided to devote her life in service to nature. She aligned her life to her values by working in land conservation, building trails and living among the bears in the wilderness. One night while sleeping in her tent on the ground under the stars, she had a vision of a huge field of berries, each one larger than her own being, extending far into the horizon in all directions. In this dream she walked through the rows of giant fruits and tended to them. The focus of her work became clear when she awoke and her life began to bend and grow more strongly towards the sun.

Brittany spent a beautiful year abroad, and ventured on an artistic pilgrimage visiting the art she had studied in college in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. She lived and worked in a small village in the mountains outside of Barcelona, where she was an artist-in-residence at Jiwar Creation & Society and participated in the Walking Gallery.  She volunteered on a farm in Portugal where she learned the principles of permaculture and a lifestyle that would unite her values with her work. Upon returning to the USA, she had her first solo art exhibition, and began to work on farms across California growing organic food, herbs, flowers and animals, learning from elders and the changing climate conditions. In 2014 she studied Permaculture Garden Design on Ometepe island in Nicaragua. She planted tropical food forests and studied Mesoamerican art and architecture while traveling north from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.

For several years, Brittany managed a large organic farm and her dream of tending to the bounty of berries came true as she supplied her local community with fresh food, planted a large terraced orchard using permaculture principles, and hosted volunteers from all over the world who wanted to learn the art of farming. Over the years she has worked as an artist, activist, camp counselor, educator, land conservationist, art restorer, farmer, gardener, landscaper, au pair, volunteer coordinator and herbalist. She loves backpacking on the trails she once built and is devoted to personal study of all of her interests including botany, climate resilience, Jungian psychology, indigenous wisdom, herbalism, and astrology. Brittany is always painting, and always getting wet paint on everything in her life. She tends to the seeds of the future by working as a garden specialist teaching gardening and nature connection to young children in her local community. She lives in a tiny house on the coast of California where the ocean always brings waves of inspiration. This is a space where her work is able to radiate across the world, making it’s way to all the people and places she loves. Thank you for being here.

when a painter gardens

Work is love made visible ~ Kahlil Gibran