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wild coast 2023 oil on canvas 12″x16″

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calathea lancifolia 2021  oil on canvas 9″x12″ 


ficus elastica ruby 2023  oil on canvas 8″x10”


flowering succulent 2023 oil on canvas 8″x8″


Dracaena limelight 2021 oil on canvas 8″x10”


venus flytrap 2024 oil on canvas 8″x10″ 


monstera deliciosa 2021  oil on canvas 8″x10″


cactus garden 2021  oil on canvas 8″x10″


rainbow plant 2020 oil on canvas 8″x10″

peace lily 2021 oil on canvas 8″x10″


protea flowers 2022  oil on canvas 8″x10″


desert dome 2023  oil on canvas  8″x8″


moonlight 2023 oil on  canvas 8″x10”


sunburst  2023  oil on canvas 8″x10”


after the storm 2023 oil on canvas 8″x10”


ephemeral pond 2023 oil on canvas 8″x10”


rainbow week 2023  oil on canvas 9″x12″ 


driftwood castle oil on canvas 8″x10″ 

arched rock 2023  oil on canvas 9″x12″

redwood forest  2016  oil on canvas 10”x12” 


zabriskie point sunrise 2021 oil on canvas 12″16″

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