This winter I am celebrating one dreamy year of life in my tiny beach house beside the great pacific ocean. In lieu of a holiday art sale this year, I have created two sliding scale options to help bring art into reach in this time of great global inflation. I have been debating the best way to do this for awhile, as it is important to me that my art is accessible. There will be two options for discounts and you are free to choose a code to enter at checkout for a discount on your order.

Sliding Scale Payment Options for use in my Art Shop

20% off anything over $100 with the code SLIDINGSCALE20

40% off anything over $100 with the code SLIDINGSCALE40

Codes will remain valid through the end of 2022. I will then assess if this program should continue for years to come, or if there is perhaps a better way. I am always open to suggestions from collectors. I look forward to sharing new creations with you in the new year! Check back in 2023 for my next art shop update! Happy Holidays to all! May all your dreams to come true in the new year

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