Springtime ~

Three paintings of mine will be in the Flower Shop Spring Art Show Opening this Friday March 11 at Smoke the Moon Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico! The show will be open until April 11th so stop by and see an amazing group of artists. Also, spring is the time that all my winter’s work is uploaded here to my portfolio and shop. Check back for updates of some new paintings & very fun pieces of glow in the dark wearable art! Hoping for some rain this spring to wash away the stench of war on this earth and bring peace and overflowing love to all. My greatest wish is for all humans to know peace and harmony during our time together on this planet. May you be happy and at peace and may the wars be over forever ~ love to you all

plant friends

a new series of small plant friend paintings has been added to my art portfolio as well as in the oil paintings section of my shop. these are iridescent gold portraits of the house plants I live with, and the series will continue to grow !

spring update

a new series of spring bling daisy chain necklaces has been added to the wearable art section of my shop
these are long infinity necklaces with no clasp woven of glass seed bead earrings and nylon thread

~autumn equinox~

autumn is here & all the change that comes with the season of fire, harvest and rain.
now is the time to share all that has grown from the seeds of springtime with the world

I have created a new shop for my art here on my personal website. In my new store you will find collage art, small paintings, and wearable art earrings.

thank you for your interest in my work ~Currently USA Shipping has been included in all prices

note that some items in my portfolio are also available for sale, but are not listed in my shop as they come in many sizes & are not a flat rate to ship// inquire directly if you are interested in one that is not available in my shop, and many more new pieces will be posted to my portfolio as I varnish and document the many boxes full of paintings from the past 6 months

sheltering in place in 2020

this year we are all being asked to shelter in place due to a global pandemic. my heart goes out to all who are suffering in this time, & especially those friends who are dealing directly with the coronavirus. I feel fortunate to be able to use my time for creative growth. while sheltering-in-place I have been painting more than I have since I was in art school! I have all day without distractions, in between nature explorations, to fulfill my creative whims. I feel so much appreciation for my beautiful home in this time, it has become a sanctuary of solitude. I am so grateful to have access to nature from my door, & to live in a place with many protected forests & hills to wander through. I am so grateful for this abundant gift of time, & I have filled over 30 canvases in the past month.

while I wait for the paint to dry in the evenings I have been beadweaving. it’s a very meditative process of stringing & weaving together very tiny beads, with my endless collection of live grateful dead shows playing in the background. I get carried away for hours on end beadweaving & have made too many for myself so I decided to post some of the woven fringe seed bead earrings I made to my online store. visit my store & support me in my craft! all purchases from my online store help me buy more supplies to continue my art practice.  below are some photos of my beadweaving fringe glass bead earrings at the beach displayed on some weathered driftwood on a hot summer day. I love the way the sun shines through & is reflected by each tiny piece of glass. I hope everyone reading this has been able to find health & happiness despite this global pandemic…

may you be happy !

winter project // portrait commission

yes I do portraits! who knew?! this was a really fun commission piece and I love nothing more than creating lovely things for lovely people.
happy holidays to all & may your dreams come true in the new year

spring update // wild times

Springtime transition this year was all about slowing down to integrate past, present and future before taking steps on a new path. After spending some sweet time with family, I went on a nostalgic road trip through hundreds of miles of california to wild places both very familiar and unknown.



Winter is the slowest time of year out in the fields and the busiest time for me in the studio. Throughout my life, winter has been the time when my daily life and art practice feel most reverently intertwined. I work quietly indoors as the storms are raging outside. Every New Year brings the task of building and stretching new canvases to prime and paint as inspiration rises. Currently a series of tiny planets is underway and simultaneously I am finishing up several larger pieces from last year. As I varnish finished pieces and begin new ones, I am noticing the common themes and hues that permeate my work as a whole, giving them more intention and building towards a cohesive body of work. Meanwhile one painting of mine will be in the Annual Juried Exhibition at our local Gallery Route One in Point Reyes Station, CA opening Feb 8 2019.

planets // celestial series

winter commission

painting my summer garden scene in the dark days of winter – thank you for the support! – may summer live on your walls forever