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happy new year ~ 2022

My first art exhibition of the year will be opening in January at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes Station, CA. The painting “Gold Seed” chosen by Juror Jack Fischer of SF, will be on view for the month and received another juror’s award of merit. Wishing for peace on earth for all in this new year of 2022!


sequoia national park

photo gallery // revisiting sequoia national park

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joshua tree national park

photo gallery from backcountry camping and exploring joshua tree this spring

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spring update // wild times

Springtime transition this year was all about slowing down to integrate past, present and future before taking steps on a new path. After spending some sweet time with family, I went on a nostalgic road trip through hundreds of miles of california to wild places both very familiar and unknown.

mandala collage series

microcosms formed from worn natural history books, nature field guides, seed catalogs & used up seed packets from the garden
assembled with loving intention into a cohesive series of mandalas
combined with impetuous ink & salt wash
on cold-pressed paper or wood panel

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Autumn is a time to reap and cull, to collect and to discern. Today I choose to radiate abundance, reaping the late harvests of the gardens and sharing the goodness before the stillness of winter.

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Mountaintop Farming

Since the spring I have been managing the raspberry crop and kitchen garden of an organic farm in Northern California.

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central america

my camera did not survive the journey through central america so I have very few precious documented memories of my 6 months of traveling through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. I am writing a memoir to document my memories of this trip and working on a related painting series.  [Read more…]

current artist statement

Light and color fill the eye of my mind so full each day as I walk outdoors that I am overwhelmed. This perceived abundance is why I must create with what has filled me to excess and is overflowing. The desire to create finds manifestation in many forms, from sowing seeds to mixing oil paints.

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