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what is your vision? I am open to accepting commissions & collaborations

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Springtime ~

Three paintings of mine will be in the Flower Shop Spring Art Show Opening this Friday March 11 at Smoke the Moon Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

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motif // winged beings

iridescent painting of a luna moth

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motif // rainbows

a rainbow is magic made visible // a refraction of all the colors of the spectrum produced by the dispersion of light // they are a fleeting phenomenon that exemplifies why I love to paint // I always wish to keep the great gifts of life a little longer

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happy new year ~ 2022

My first art exhibition of the year will be opening in January at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes Station, CA. The painting “Gold Seed” chosen by Juror Jack Fischer of SF, will be on view for the month and received another juror’s award of merit. Wishing for peace on earth for all in this new year of 2022!


motif // mushrooms

mushrooms rotting a decaying log in the forestmushrooms are the great decomposers of life & they play a fascinating role in the ecosystems around & below us. I have made many works celebrating the mystery of mushrooms

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plant friends

a new series of small plant friend paintings has been added to my art portfolio as well as in the oil paintings section of my shop. these are iridescent gold portraits of the house plants I live with, and the series will continue to grow !

autumn equinox~

autumn is here & all the change that comes with the season of fire, harvest and rain.

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